Is Modern Millionaires Legit (5 Reasons It Is)

It’s the biggest question about any ecommerce opportunity: is it legit? How can you even tell? There will always be people swearing up and down that you can get rich overnight, without fail. But you have to wonder if they have something to gain by telling you that.

Well, they usually do. And more often than not, they aren’t being completely honest about the opportunity. Chance are you’ve heard it all before if you’ve had any sort of interest in making money online.

Let’s use dropshipping as an example. Do a quick search on Google or YouTube and you’ll find tons of results. Many of the search results make dropshipping sound like a golden goose that can make you rich without much work.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. And the same goes for many other business models in the ecommerce sphere. So, it’s understandable that you might wonder if Modern Millionaires is legit. Maybe you’ve heard things that piqued your interest or maybe you don’t know enough to give it a try.

Either way, here are five of the main reasons it is legit. If you’re on the fence, you should take a second to read through so you can make an informed decision.

Reason #1: The Business Model

The first thing you should know about the Modern Millionaires course is the type of business it teaches. That’s one of the most important factors in any course, and many aren’t clear on exactly what they teach.

Modern Millionaires is all about lead generation and lead flipping. If you’re not familiar, that’s the process of bringing interested people (leads) to a business and sending them to another business where they might buy something.

That’s an overly simple explanation, but the reason lead generation works is that businesses will pay top dollar for these leads.

Reason #2: The Traffic Source

Ever come across a business opportunity that sounds great until you realize nobody can explain how it works? It’s a disappointing feeling, but it’s all too common. People will promise results but they won’t tell you how you’ll get them. Not Modern Millionaires.

Lead generation relies on a steady flow of traffic. If you’re familiar with ecommerce, you might already know how expensive, time-consuming, and difficult generating traffic can be. Try going into lead generation without having a solid plan and you’ll find that out in no time.

That’s why the course focuses on PPC (pay per click) traffic. It explains how to leverage Google Ads and Facebook Ads to target the right audiences. PPC traffic is cheaper, easier to use, and more effective than other traffic sources. It also doesn’t require another skill set like content creation.

Reason #3: The Full Package

The Modern Millionaires course isn’t just some supplemental material that can assist you in your entrepreneurial pursuits. It’s not meant to improve something you’re already doing. The course is more of a “business in a box” than anything.

You get everything you need to carry out the entire process. From choosing your niche to creating a website, the course provides all the resources you need. Even better, many of these resources are free.

So, you don’t have to go and spend money once you get started. You’re set as soon as you get into the course. The purpose is to help you create a business, not to sell you on more services and products.

Reason #4: The End Game

How many times have you bought something only to end up paying more in the end for something you didn’t know you needed? Have you ever bought a subscription but wish you could just own the product or service?

Yeah, that can make you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth. That’s not an issue with the Modern Millionaires course, though. Once you have the digital assets, you own them. You get to create your business at your own pace and there’s no timer ticking. That means you get everything you need upfront. No “extras” needed down the road.

The course helps you create a business and succeed. It even ends by teaching you how to automate your lead generation business. So your investment can turn into a real passive income source. You won’t find that in other courses — in fact, most courses keep you on the hook as long as possible and charge you more and more to continue.

Reason #5: The Course Teaches a Skill

Nobody likes MLMs. Well, some people do, but they’re few and far between. And they’re the people taking advantage of others for their own personal profit. Unfortunately, so many courses and business opportunities you’ll find online follow that classic pyramid-scheme formula.

That’s not what Modern Millionaires is about. This course teaches real skills that you can use to run a legitimate business. Now, that’s not for everyone. Not everyone wants to apply themselves and take on the responsibility of entrepreneurship.

And that’s fine. It’s not for everyone. But if you want to make real money doing real business, this course is for you. Once you learn lead generation, you can keep doing it as long as you want to. You can scale up as much as you’d like or slow down if you have other business to attend to.

There you have it. Five of the top reasons the Modern Millionaires course is legit. Do you want to start a new business? Or are you interested in getting into online business for the first time? Either way, this course is a great starting point and can set you up for success.


Modern Millionaires Opportunity

So, you’re interested in the Modern Millionaires course. Maybe you want a new passive income source or maybe you’re tired of the 9-5. Either way, you’re in the right place. You probably have some questions, so we’ll make sure to cover everything you need to know.

Even if you don’t know anything about the course right now, you’ll walk away knowing whether it’s right for you. For starters, the Modern Millionaires course teaches lead flipping. Not sure what that is? No problem, it’s nothing crazy. In fact, you might realize you’re already familiar with the process.

What’s lead flipping?

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of lead flipping or you’re unfamiliar with it. The process is pretty simple as it follows a basic sales funnel. Basically, if you can understand ecommerce, you can understand lead flipping.

It all starts with leads. Those are just people who have an interest in a business or its offers. Leads can express that interest in many different ways. They might click an ad, subscribe to a newsletter, or even just like a social media post. Once someone interacts with a business, they’re considered a lead.

Lead flipping is the process of acquiring those leads and selling them to other businesses, like a middleman. A simple but specific process. That means you have to follow the process exactly. Otherwise, it won’t work. Now, let’s get into the specifics.

How does lead flipping work?

To understand this, we need to lay out the lead generation process first. Lead flipping is the next step, but they have to happen in order. Lead generation is the acquisition part of the lead flipping process, and it’s crucial to get it right.

It starts with someone interacting with a business. Once they interact, they typically get led to a landing page on the business’s website. This landing page explains more about the business and its offer. It also contains forms for visitors to interact with.

These forms usually have spaces for personal information. Nothing too private, but enough to get into contact with the person. But nobody wants to give up their information for free, so most businesses offer something in exchange. It could be anything related to the business as long as it’s free and desirable.

Once the person exchanges their info, they’re considered a lead. Now that business can send the lead’s info to another business, where they might buy something. So, it follows that businesses will pay a good chunk of change for these leads because they can profit from them.

Keep in mind, that’s a simple explanation. There are many moving parts and details that are easy to gloss over. That’s what the Modern Millionaires course is all about: helping people create and run a lead flipping business the right way.

What kind of opportunity does the Modern Millionaires course provide?

By now it should be clear that lead flipping is lucrative. At least, it is if you do it right. The biggest hurdle with lead flipping (and starting any business) is making the right decisions when you get your business off the ground. Small mistakes can end up with your business crashing and burning, costing you time and money.

One of the opportunities of the Modern Millionaires course is avoiding that. You get a game plan from people who have done this many times before. They’ve shed the blood, sweat, and tears so you don’t have to. And whether you know it or not, entrepreneurship involves a lot of trial, error, and hardship.

But that’s not the case here. The Modern Millionaires course has four modules, each pertaining to a specific step of the lead flipping process.

Learn the Basics:

The course starts with choosing a niche. It may not sound important, but the right niche is essential to your success. Some niches have a high cost of entry (with the reward of more profit) and others are harder to break into. With the provided list of 120 niches, you can decide which works best for you.

Set up your website:

After you choose a niche, you need a website. Not just any website, but a professional-looking page with all the right forms, navigation, and information. If you’ve never set up a website, that might sound intimidating. And it can be. But the course comes with all the info you need as well as resources to build your website and landing pages. Best of all, some of these tools are free so you don’t have to invest much to get started.

Traffic Generation and Conversions:

What good is a website if nobody sees it? In many cases, it’s just disappointing, but with lead flipping, it’s the difference between success and failure. That’s why the course has a strict focus on PPC traffic. PPC (or pay per click) traffic is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate traffic, so it’s a great place to start.

Once you generate PPC traffic, you need to flip your leads. The course helps you compile a list of clients before you get to this point, which you’ll be thankful for. There’s a bit more to it, but that should give you a general idea of what to expect.


Arguably the best part of the course is the final module. This is where all your hard work pays off and you realize the true value of the course. If you generate a steady flow of traffic and make enough profit, you can hire someone to run your business for you.

That’s the real opportunity of the course. The ability to set up a passive income source so you can make money while you relax or even start another business. For many, this is life-changing. It’s a way to break out of the same old cycle and become financially independent. And who knows, you could even make your first million flipping leads.


Modern Millionaires Review

Making money in the modern world often leaves you with two choices. You can go the traditional route — going to college, spending a ton of money, and landing a job that pays the bills. Or you can try what so many other people seem to be doing — getting on the internet and finding a niche that works with your skills and knowledge.

The problem with both of these choices is that they don’t guarantee a return on your investment of time and money. Becoming a millionaire through either of these routes can seem unattainable. That status is always attainable, but you’re right to think it can be difficult.

So, you probably have a certain reaction when you hear about a course from the “Modern Millionaires.” If you’re anything like me, the name itself piqued your interest. How can you become a modern millionaire? Is it easy? Is it worth your time? Is it even possible?

Well, that’s what you’re about to find out. If you have any interest in making a million dollars (or even a smaller, passive, supplementary income), you should check this out.

What’s the Modern Millionaires course?

It’s all about making money, right? Of course it is, but you might be surprised at how the course teaches you to make money. There are so many gurus and schemes out there, you may think you’ve heard it all. And you’ve probably heard most of it. But the Modern Millionaires course is different than most.

It focuses solely on lead generation. Specifically, how you can start your own lead generation business from the ground up. If you’re unfamiliar with lead generation, don’t worry. It’s simple. Lead generation refers to the process of finding and reaching out to people with an interest in your business, product, or service.

Like I said: simple. It’s also a real, viable business and many people are starting to realize why lead generation can be such a great opportunity. That’s also what sets the Modern Millionaires course apart. It starts with something that’s been proven to have the potential to generate some serious profit.

What do you get in the course?

A-Z. Big to small. Beginning to end. If it’s not clear yet, this course covers it all. Everything you need to know about lead generation is here, as well as stuff you don’t need to know (but definitely should). If you’re familiar with running a business, you know how important that is. A weak foundation only sets you up for failure down the road, but that’s not the case here.

But that doesn’t mean the course is boring, bloated, and full of useless info. Far from it. The Modern Millionaires cover every step concisely without wasting your time on things you don’t care about.

Module 1: The groundwork

The first step of starting a successful lead generation business is preparation. There’s no way around it, and it’s the reason you might not have heard of many people doing lead gen. The course makes sure you lay that groundwork before you do anything else.

One of the most important parts of this step is choosing your niche. This determines how much money you end up spending on leads. If you choose a niche that requires a bigger investment than you’re willing to make, you’ve wasted your time.

Module 2: Set up your site

Lead gen is unique in that it’s a culmination of many different skills and aspects of ecommerce. That’s a good thing (for you), but it can be discouraging if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you aren’t a web designer, setting up a website might seem difficult.

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. The course provides resources, free and paid, that work for any skill level. So, even if you have no experience, you can create a website that fits the needs of whatever niche you chose.

Module 3: Generate traffic

Ever try generating traffic? It’s not always a fun process. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, sometimes it feels like nothing works. And that’s understandable. There are so many variables with traffic it’s hard to diagnose an issue.

Well, that’s not a problem with the Modern Millionaires course. Instead of taking a jack of all trades approach, this course focuses on one channel: PPC marketing. Why? Because its price and success rate are tough to beat. Once you get that down, the course gets into how you help those leads through the sales funnel all the way to conversions.

Module 4: Automate

Like making money without doing anything? Good. Turns out the Modern Millionaires are just like you and save the best for last. This final section of the course is where the “millionaire” part of the title comes into play.

One of the coolest parts of lead generation is that you can turn your business into a money printer. (Not literally, but you know what I mean.) Granted, you have to follow all the previous steps correctly, but that shouldn’t be hard with this course.

Once you’re established, you can hire someone to take care of the details of the operation. By then, you should be making enough money that you won’t think twice about that decision.

And there you have it. That should be everything you need to know about the Modern Millionaires course before you decide if it’s for you. If you want our opinion in plain language: we recommend it 100%.