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This will be a series of posts on how to make serious money on fiverr.

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Make serious money on fiverr - Posts
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How to make serious money on fiverr – Introduction

Fiverr became one of the biggest platforms for selling and buying services online.

In case you don’t know what fiverr is it is basically a place where you can advertise your services / skill for as low as 5$.
At first it may seem that online 5$ per gig is not worth your time, but you might be seeing this from the wrong perspective.

Stay with me on this.

The real profit is not on the price of each gig. Is on the quantity of orders you will actually receive and on the “extras” you can sell. And trust me, you can sell a bunch of gigs in just one day.

Selling on fiverr is like snowball rolling down a hill. You start a bit slow and small but after your first sales you will be having more and more people interested on your gigs.

Soon you’ll have more orders in queue than the ones you can take care off (what a wonderful problem, hen?)


One quick example

Take this seller’s gig for example:

fiverr orders

He has 97 orders in queue!

This means that, if they are only 5$ orders, he will receive 4,5$ for each one (fiverr takes a 0,5$ commission).

So he will make, in the very least:

97 * 4,5 = 436$

This is just in few days!

Yeah that is awesome…but how can I make that kind of money?” – I hear you ask.

Fear not! I will teach you step-by-step how you can reach similar result.

And more, I’ll teach you all the dirty secrets some fiverr sellers are using to sell services they don’t know how to do and still have a good profit.
So yeah… you don’t really need to have a strong skill set to sell on fiverr. But we’ll talk about that later.


Lets start with the basics


First Create an account on fiverr.
After that is time to set up your profile.
People tend to buy more from sellers that have profiles that inspire them trust. Here are some tips and tricks to create a good profile at fiverr:

Your profile Picture

A human profile picture will look more trustworthy than a random cat picture (yes, we all love cat pictures, but this is not the right place to show off your pussycat)
If you don’t want to upload an image of yourself that is totally fine, but I highly recommend you to insert an image/avatar that inspires trust. You can create an avatar for free in websites like avatarmaker.

Your bio

Take your time on this step. Talk a bit about yourself and don’t forget to up-sale your skills! This is not the place to be timid or insecure about your skill set. You need to explain in 150-300 words why your service is way more awesome than your competition’s services.

Social networks

I highly recommend you to connect your social networks to your fiverr account. If you don’t want to connect your facebook you can connect, for example, your LinkedIn. People will trust you more if you link some kind of social network connected to your seller account, as it will prove you are a real person and not a scammer.
I noticed that fiverr seems to give some benefits on search results to sellers that connected their social accounts and/or share their gigs on social media. It might have been a coincidence, but it surely wont hurt if you do it.

Your education and languages

Don’t forget to set up you academic profile. Don’t worry if you are not a super-math-ninja or a polyglot. You don’t need a degree to make success here. So just go ahead and fill all the information they ask from you. Remember: fiverr is looking for trustworthy sellers for they platform. The more you fill in the better for you.


Now you are ready to start selling!

If you are a talented graphic designer, musician or writer you will have absolutely no problems to start 🙂
For the rest of you guys and girls I’ll be teaching you how to sell even without a particular talent.


Take a look at part 2 – Fiverr Niches


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